THREADS - Hints and Tips for users.

If you're using THREADS on an ezSite; here are some hints and tips for you as a user:.....

  • You can PARAGRAPH format your post by hitting Enter twice between the lines in your post. - If you can see a completely blank line between your text, then this will post as a paragraph break. - It's worth noting that a single ENTER will not break you post at all. It will flow on the same line as the previous line with no break.

  • When posting images with your post (optional) you can upload any .GIF or .JPG file. These images MUST have a file extension of .JPG or .GIF in their filenames. - This DOES work from a Macintosh, you may need to rename your files so that you can see a .GIF or .JPG at the end of the filename. ie: MYPIC.JPG or MYPIC.GIF :) - If you're changing the filename of your image, make sure you use the correct extension otherwise thumbnailing won't work.

  • If you want to post a follow up post to something you've read in these forums, use the 'Follow up post' area at the BOTTOM of that page.

  • If you're going to post a follow up which is Off-Topic, consider starting a NEW Thread. - You can do this using the link at the top of the page. "Add a new thread inside ...xxxx..."

  • Providing an email address is optional, however, it always helps people to take your post more seriously if they know who you are. - An anonymous comment is often overlooked as being from someone who may be wasting the time of the readers. If you have a strong feeling on an issue then put your name by it, people will respond more positively if they know who they are writing to.

  • When you provide your email address, we display it using some special character masking. ie: is displayed to the browser as: & lt;chris& #64;webdes& #46;co& #46;nz& gt; which should make it a lot harder for webcrawlers to capture email addresses for use in spam.

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